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App Store Optimization: Ultimate Guide to rank your App in App Store

Madeeha Kamran

What is ASO?

Popularly known as the App Store Marketing or Mobile SEO, ASO is the process of enhancing the ranking of the mobile applications within the app stores like App store & iTunes from Apple, Play Store for Androids & Microsoft Store.
ASO focuses on increasing the number of app-downloads along with;
• Improved brand identity.
• Audience Engagement through reviews & ratings.
• Source of marketing.

Should you invest in ASO?

Yes, you should!
Every business in today’s date is having a customized application of their own. Making them connect to their audience more. Be it sending them; current offers or discounts or notifying them of their schedules or increasing their knowledge by sharing facts.

According to a survey done by Statista, 205.4 billion Apps were downloaded in 2018.

Can you imagine the number of users engaged with those apps & businesses?

Over the past few months, users accessing the internet through their mobiles have increased. It has caused a decline in the growth of Social Media & in such scenario App Store Optimization is the latest trend to market your app & the business.

A Complete Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO)How does this work?

Even if you’re new to the app store or app store marketing, you’ll not have any problem in understanding how app store optimization is done.
Consider the app store a closed site search engine, where the key factors affecting the app rankings are;
• The Content, simple & relevant.
• Indexing in the app store.
• App Quality.
• Uniqueness.
• Branding.
• Added User Value.

Seems familiar, right?

These are all the same factors which we keep in mind while doing the Search Engine Optimization for any website.
All the app store optimization experts focusing on generating returns from the investments are usually targeting these KPIs;
• App Ranking.
• Views
• External Sharing.
• Audience Engagement (Reviews & Ratings)
• The number of downloads.
ASO is an emerging process same as the SEO. When you want to rank your website in the search engine, your goal is to increase the traffic & gain revenue from it. Whereas ASO also requires the commitment of constant tracking of the app performance & the number of downloads, to rank the app to a countless reach.

Ultimate Guide for ASO in 2019

Organic ASO

Most people think that ASO & SEO are opposite to each other but in reality, ASO & SEO are so relatable that many of the ASO techniques are the same as the SEO;
• App name, title & URL Optimization.
• Internal Link building.
• Indexation in SERP.
• Keyword Research.
• Reviews.
• CTR Optimization, to name a few.
The thing which is to be kept in consideration here is that the website should not be neglected in this process. Your website is the main source of driving the traffic towards your app page & store, increasing the number of downloads of your app.
How people will know about your app?
How they can check on which mobile app stores your app is available & for which mobile phones?
How will you able to manage each & every detail contained within the limit of content in the app store?
Your website or the dedicated mobile app page on your website is the answer to all these questions. You can let people know that your business or brand has an app through your website. Every detail about your app can be made available there. Hence working with SEO & ASO altogether is your way to make your brand, website & app successful.

In-App Store Optimization

As stated above App store is considered as a closed site search engine & this closed search engine has some specific factors to enhance the optimization of the app.

App name, URL & Title

This factor works exactly the same as for the website SEO. You need to be sure that your main keywords are visible here.


The major part of your ASO depends on the keywords research. Only the right keywords will take you to the top of search results in store.

Ratings & Reviews

People prefer choosing a brand or service that provides positive reviews & caters to their audience’s queries. To rank your app, you need to provide your audience & your app users a dedicated area where they can give their ratings & reviews.

“A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”

― David J. Greer.


App ranking & app downloads are in direct relation to each other. As the number of your app downloads increase, your app ranking also increases.

Change is Constant

In any app store, only those apps rank top which is providing their user with something different & unique upon every update. To keep your place in the app store ranking provide your users with a fresh feature every time. Those apps which are updating upon regular intervals are more likely to get increased positive reviews.
Our team of marketing experts is at your service to provide you with an extremely professional & 100% result-oriented ASO experience for your App. Get in touch with us at to know more.

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