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Digital Marketing as an industry, is been a remarkable era of growth in the last few years.  The place where we live and work in today’s market is totally different from the many of us started. Store employees and salesman used to be gems, and brands & business used to spend dollars on advertising to find chance who need their service.

Today, the consumers are more expert and reach outs to the brands & business in the smarter way like consumer researches before buying any of the product or services. They spend nearly 80 days on online research.

This type of environment leads to Content. Content Marketing is a marketing strategy focusing on creating, publishing and distributing content for targeting audience. Creating remarkable and compelling content is at the core of the marketing methodology.

Consumers are searching for the answers which are offered adversely by your brand.  As per buyer’s prospects, they do web questioning for their answer & to find solutions to their problem. Thus, results your brand helps to show up.

Content Marketing is not a short-term strategy, the information center of great content will lead to more qualified and interested consumers.

Content Marketing had its turning point over a decade ago, making a monumental shift in the way marketing works. SEO razzle-dazzle & hard selling gave way to relationship-building and bringing value to customers.

While watching content marketing trends for this year look deeply rather than marketing equivalent and display. Look to the revolution that will start to have an effect, look for frequency changes in approaching content.

Here are the next considerable moments in content marketing.

#1 Invest In Long Form Content

Consumers and B2B buyers are looking more deeply and valuable long content than short content. Thus, results content is moving beyond 500 words. Even your short-form content of your 500 words post can attract traffic significantly, but they will have short life length.

Ultimately, long form of content is gaining more attention towards targeting audience. Thus, you should create longer posts to get more of what you required – more social likes – more links – more online visibility.

While most of the short-term content will re-evaluate the basic unit of content marketing and still can attract subscribers, thought promotion and can provide marketing prospects. Long form content is key to meet the expectations of an audience.

 #2 Always Favor Quality Over Quantity

Over the past few years, there’s bound to be a high-quality information and low-quality information providers. Just one bad information or advice can lead a business to the wrong path.

From short form to long form content, it’s going to be harder to maintain daily multiple publishing cadences. The amount of content keeps increasing, so find your audience what are they looking for? Publishing low-quality content frequently or publishing high-quality content often.

Search what your audience question and what are they looking for and get into those topics. The search engines are moving towards high-quality content that surrounds a central topic. High-quality content creation can take care of all your online marketing duties if your content gives enough exposure to platforms.

#3 Measure ROI & Attribution

As per marketers, many companies have their process to measure marketing ROI, some of them are doing right. Because of today’s consumers’ searches and connect with brands through different channels and devices.

As per increasing the sales and marketing overlap, marketers need to get serious about proving ROI. Top-of-funnel content meant to generate awareness, and everything should be measured. In 2018, content markets who can attribute ROI properly and prove the asset of their efforts will be more successful. So, pin down the value of content marketing, optimize it and measure it.

#4 Attractive Blog Post

Everyone reads and sees a blog post and give their thoughts on that blog, like “Wow, this looks interesting or really very nice”.

Or on the other side, if see some blog post on walls with no image, your thought would be like “This is not interesting or meaningful”.

Your blog plays a major role in engaging with your readers to keep them visiting again & again and keeping them subscribed to you coming post. But firstly you post should be appealing to attract your readers.

Many of the readers just read the headline as than they read the body. Your article should have clear content relevant to the headline so that viewers can get how they will benefit from reading the post. Deliver what has been promised in your headline.

Ensure that your articles are designed to encourage readers to read more. People don’t read each n every word of your articles. Format your content with short paragraphs, subheads, bullets & numbering lists, highlighting with bold & italics, adding images and with internal links.

Content is easy to understand if it’s cut into small paragraphs, with important points.

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