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Impact of Voice Search on Search Engine Optimization in 2018


With the technologies getting upgraded & trends getting changed every now & then we’re always in search of the one which works best for us.

So this year Voice Search is the latest hype in the digital market due to insanely increasing popularity.

With the increased use of Smart devices & digital assistance, voice search is expected to become more popular in 2018. More people are turning towards voice-operated searches to look for their answers. It’s more convenient & relatively quick than typing. Open the voice search tab on the search engine & ask.    

A study conducted by Google states that;

  • 40% of the people generally used voice-operated search.
  • The rate among the youth was more than 50%.
  • 20% of the queries on Mobile Devices were made via voice-input.         

But how the Search Engine can be optimized by trending this feature? 

There are two main points where smart SEOs should focus to make Voice-Search work for SEO;

Featured Snippet

The content should be on the first page, preferably in a featured snippet.

Q/A Format

Include a question-answer format in your content; because, a major part of voice-search is based on questions. E.g., how to do a plank? Or when was Titanic released? Google usually picks up the page in which it finds a question or an answer.


During a voice-controlled search user is directly communicating with the search engine, so make sure to use long-tail keywords to make your content more optimized & at the same time it will increase the possibility of your content to become the required answer in the voice search.

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